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Company Profile


We are a company with a mission to succeed:

We are a family owned company with strong foundation in business and ethics. We like to call ourselves as an extension of the family values into the business arena.

Our work profile:

We are an online retail store which specializes in selling fashion clothes and accessories for women, men and children. We have twenty reputed brands under us which are sold and marketed under our umbrella store. Even though the brands are individually manufactured by companies across the globe, they are also made to order and as per the fit that we call for.

Our markets:

The clothes and accessories that we retail are available across the globe and exclusively sold through our mobile and web enabled application. For you to order with us, you will have to download our web application. Our markets spans across all the continents of the world. We have already set the world record for having the largest stock ready with us in our warehouses and ready to be dispatched to be owned by any other online store in the world.

We believe in eco friendliness:

Consumerism and sustainability may sound like two poles in a sphere. But we constantly strive with all our heart to be able to make a great sustainable difference by making conscious choices and being able to offer our friends and customers with eco friendlier choices.

We have no vested interest in such sustainable initiative but e tie up with lesser developed countries in our bid to give back to the society a measure of what it has given us and as a gesture of kindness and civilization.

Our co workers are our assets:

As an online store, we take pride in our colleagues and love the fact that they are from every corner of the globe. The vast difference in our cultures and the strong moral values that they also bring with them to work has given us an edge to succeed and strive for higher things in life.